Orem has been prudent in managing its budget and decreasing debt. Property taxes are fairly low and can be maintained as such, the debt has decreased by over 25% in the last few years, and sales tax revenues help the city's budget immensely. 

One of the best ways to continue to reduce debt, manage the budget, and keep property taxes low is to bring business to Orem, thus increasing sales tax revenue. We can do this by both developing businesses that already exist in Orem and by bringing new businesses to the city. 

The development of the University Place project, for example, required no direct spending on the part of the city, but brought in a 500 million dollar investment which gave the University Mall a much needed update, making it a successful anchor point for an exciting retail district which will allow Orem to maintain its status as the retail hub of Utah County.  

In addition to efforts like the CDA which bring new business to Orem, strategic infrastructure spending and effective zoning enforcement to manage growth and traffic will keep Orem a destination not only for shoppers, but for professionals seeking a family-friendly community, and technology firms seeking a talented workforce.

While some candidates claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility by opposing all major spending by the city, true responsibility acknowledges that effective investments which draw business to the city are the most effective way to increase city revenue and pay off Orem's debt.  We cannot afford to be penny wise and pound foolish.