Campaign spending, both nationally and here in Orem, has grown out of control. In recent years, rate of spending has accelerated. Since the mid-1980s, the amount spent on elections by campaigns and outside groups has grown 555 percent. How can we claim to be fiscally conservative or care about budget when we are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money just on getting elected?

As a fiscally conservative candidate, I commit to run a tightly budgeted campaign. As part of this commitment, I intend to use campaign funds only on items that improve political discourse - ones that tell you something about the issues or help you understand my stance on them. I will not utilize devices such as yard signs, which are simply targeted at getting my name out there. If elected, I will be just as careful with your dollars as I am with mine. Campaign spending habits are indicative of how one views money, and careless spending is not the way to accomplish meaningful change.