Orem is sometimes known as "Family City, USA" due to being nationally ranked #1 as the best place to raise a family. I absolutely want to maintain and improve this image through increasing quality of life and family-oriented services specifically. 

Some view apartments as posing a threat to this image, or to the sense of family community that Orem has always had. However, the family-friendly nature of Orem and the improvement of access to affordable housing to not have to be at odds with one another. We can find places to build apartments that positively impact the areas they are in, and in doing so, can drastically decrease rent for those who live in apartments. Many families want to move to Orem, but for various reasons, need to live in apartments to do so. Rather than focusing on potential problems apartment buildings can cause, I want to focus on solutions so that even more families can come to Orem and enjoy everything that "Family City, USA" has to offer.