I am committed to being honest in all my dealings, both personal and public. I will uphold this commitment if elected. Sometimes politicians get a bad reputation for being dishonest, but local politics especially can change that. We can work together to be open and truthful about what we think and what we do. I will carry this authenticity throughout my campaign and throughout my term as a member of the council. 



I believe all voices deserve to be heard and all viewpoints should be equally weighed before a decision is made. It is only civil to make fair decisions and, as a council member, I promise to carry this value through every choice, small or large. Council members are, first and foremost, public servants and representatives of the residents of Orem, and fairness plays an important role in doing those jobs well and making sure every citizen's needs are respected and met.



Building community is a top priority for me. I want to engage residents of Orem in local issues so that they feel their voices are heard. I want everyone to know that they can make positive contributions that will change their city for the better. Developing a close sense of community is one of the key responsibilities of a city council, and it will be a focus of mine if elected.