As I have stated, much of my interest in politics has been generated by my discouragement at the negative or hopeless view that many take of government - from those simply resigned to outcomes they believe beyond their control to those who see government, and those in it, as evil or in direct opposition to positive change. I understand the difficulties that can come with trusting representatives who seem to disregard the voices of those they purport to represent.

Local politics are a place where this can truly change - where we can work together to make all voices heard, and where we can collaborate to affect positive change within the community we all love. My principles - honesty, fairness, and community - speak to a need for transparency and cooperation amongst council members and between the council and the community.  Effective solutions at the local level have often been hampered because the majority of Orem residents ignore local politics, and thus a few people with strong feelings exert a great deal of influence, even when they act in opposition to the good of the community as a whole.

In the end, the purpose of government at all levels is to foster community and to create shared resources that can benefit every member of the community.  The work of local government has the most impact on our day to day life, as the resources it holds stewardship over are woven into our daily lives.  From roads and sewers to parks and libraries, the city government preserves and protects our shared investments so that they will continue to bless our community long into the future.  An effective local government finds ways to improve our common inheritance so that tomorrow will be brighter for all of us.